Instamatico doesn’t force other users to follow you, nor will we give you fake followers. We simply manage your interactions with real users. Our technique allows efficient organic growth but it will depend on different external variables such as the niche your account is in, the context of your publications, etc. That is why we can’t tell you how many followers or clients the service will provide you. Anyways, for you to have an idea, on average, our clients get from 600 to 3.000 new followers per month. If you are in a “boring” or traditional industry like insurances or loans, it might be possible that you are around 600. If you are a model or have a brand design or a humorous profile, it can easily go up to 3.000.

We setup our tool taking into account the daily limits of Instagram and emulate human activity. Therefore, it is very important that you do not use other automation services with your Instagram account while using Instamatico.
Keep in mind that there are many reasons why Instagram can temporarily or permanently suspend an account. As we mentioned in our terms and conditions, we are not responsible if Instagram deletes or suspends your account. Anyway, it has never happened to any of our clients so there is nothing to worry about.

Yes. We don’t have another way to provide the service. Think that Instamatico will be like your personal virtual assistant that will be in charge of interacting with potential clients. That assistant will need to enter the account like if it were you. We will save your encrypted password on our server and no one will access, only our program. If you still have fears, contact us and we can schedule a video call. We strive so there is no anonymity and you can trust us.

Even though Instamatico in an automation service, we’ll manually configure your account and define a tailored strategy for growing your account. That takes a lot of work and at the moment we do not have the capacity to offer the free trial to people who do not have the slightest intention of hiring despite being totally satisfied. We generally accept accounts of brands, businesses, influencers, service providers. If your account is personal but you work with your image, contact us and we will analyze your particular case.
We check each subscription manually. At the moment we are just accepting accounts with commercial interest. In case your account meets this condition, we will contact you in a maximum of 24 hours after you have filled the form. If you haven’t heard from us and feel that we should give you a free trial, contact us and we will review your case.
Of course! When you register for the free trial you have to give us a list of competitor’s profiles or that are similar to yours. We focus on people that follow them. Besides interacting with the people that follow a specific profile, we can interact with the following:
1. People that post using hashtags of your interest.
2. People that post in a determined location of your interest.
3. People that liked or commented on photos of a private user.
4. People that liked or commented on a specific photo. (You would have to provide us with a list of URLs of Instagram pictures)
5. People that have a keyword in their username or profile description
6. Friends of your current followers.
7. People that Instagram suggests in the section “Suggested users”.
8. We can now watch your followings Instagram stories!
If you feel that these functions can make your account grow, tell us!

When Instamatico tries to access your account, you will receive a security code in your email or cell phone. So we can work on your account, you must send us that code as soon as you receive it. You may also see an Instagram alert notifying you that your account has been accessed from Germany or the United States. That’s where we have our servers. Say it is you, don’t worry it´s us. 😃

No, Instamatico does not post in your account. Neither will we add comments for you. Automatic comments not only put your account at risk they also give a bad image since they are not that relevant.

Yes, you can use your account normally while we provide you the service. Just avoid following, unfollowing and likeing a lot of photos and accounts. Think that from now on we will take care of that for you. If you suddenly follow hundreds of people while Instamatico does its thing, Instagram might block a function. Just leave that to us.

When configuring the service we will keep all the people that you are following in a whitelist to avoid that Instamatic stops following them. The people you manually follow won’t be unfollowd by Instamatico. In the case that you don’t want to keep those followings and prefer that we help you to lower that number, let us know and we will not create the whitelist. For instance, if your account follows 5.500 persons already, it might be a good idea to ask us to lower that number for you.

There are hundreds of services offering fake Instagram followers and likes. Our service is significantly different. We attract real people’s attention to your profile. This other services will send fake followers to your account. It’ll damage your brand because of the following reasons:

No engagement: When you buy fake Instagram followers, you only get bots. Your engagements will never rise, because those bots will never ever engage with your content.
They don’t stick: Instagram does a lot of purges and deletes fake followers and deletes these accounts. If you buy fake followers, most of them will disappear in just a few months.
Reputation: It is not a good sign if your Instagram account is followed by thousands of profiles that are obviously fake, either because they have foreign names or because they do not have a profile picture.


You can pay with a credit card. Instamatico uses Stripe as payment platform so you can rest assured that your card will be safe on their servers. Instamatic cannot access the number and/or code of your card.
If you cannot pay by credit card, we can make an exception and accept PayPal payments. In Germany, you can also pay with SOFORT. In Argentina, we accept payments by credit card, Mercado Pago and you can also deposit month by month in our Argentine bank account.
If you have problems, contact us and we will help you.

The service will be charged in Euros unless you contracted from Argentina, where it will be charged in Argentine pesos. Write us if you have any questions regarding the payment.

No. You can cancel at any moment. You can even hire us one month, pause the next and contract the next month. The idea is to provide you all the flexibility to use Instamatico when you need it. After your free trial, we will send you a link to subscribe to a monthly credit card payment. If you want to pause or cancel, simply write us on WhatsApp or send us an email. Without further questions, we will revoke the automatic payment. Your account will remain valid until the last day you have paid.

We charge the service in advance. That is after your free trial ends, you must pay to reactivate the service.

After the free trial, we will send you a link to subscribe to an automated monthly payment by credit card. You can cancel at any time. Remember that you will have to notify us of you cancelation before your new month begins. Example, if Instamatico starts working on your account on the 15th of each month, you must notify us before the 15th so that we can cancel the automatic payment. The service will run until your credit ends (in other words the 14th) and the following month you will not be charged.


Yes! If you work for a marketing agency or simply have several accounts that you want to boost with Instamatico, you can access our agency package! If you contract 3 or more accounts, you obtain a 30% discount. Contact us and we will explain the details.

Yes! If you refer clients, we will pay you 30% of the first payment of your referrals. Example: you recommend us to a friend. Your friend gets the free trial and decides to continue. Once they make the payment, you will have earned a 30% commission of the monthly price. We usually pay our affiliates at the end of the month. It is important that they mention that you recommended them.

We will be very grateful if you to offer Instamatic to your clients! In fact, we can give you a hand to sell them the service. Regarding the price, we offer you a 30% discount if you contract 3 or more accounts. Get in touch and we’ll chat.


Instamatico is an Argentina-German startup. We have a legal base in Berlin but we are constantly moving and manage the service 100% remotely. We provide the service to all countries. The majority of our clients are from Argentina, Spain and Germany.

Instamatico interacts with people that are potentially interested in your account. That will attract attention to your profile. Therefore, if you have high quality content, your account will grow organically with real people who will like and comment your photos.
Eventually, they will follow the link in your description and hire your services.
Quite the contrary, hiring a typical “instant followers” service will be a waste of money because these false accounts are removed by Instagram constantly. Not to mention the risk you run. Instagram will delete these fake profiles in a matter of days. You will end up having some remaining fake followers that will never interact with your account

Quality, quality, quality! Focusing on getting the right people to follow you will be key in your communication strategy. This will create THE DIFFERENCE in the long term. Over time, we have seen too many examples that prove us right: brands buying fake likes and followers that are later discovered by social networks and as a result, a suspended account. Not to mention the little credibility that the brand gives when the majority of followers have Russian, Chinese, etc. names. Our clients prefer an organic and long-term approach.

No! That’s why we are here for. Subscribe to the free trial, we talk about your particular needs and if after the free week you are convinced, you can contact the service. Basically, you can relax and watch your phone going crazy with Instagram notifications.
You can write to us directly by WhatsApp (+1 (650) 758-7988). You can also contact us by our contact form or by email to We will answer you as soon as possible.
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